Location Information Page

About Us

We are a group of aspiring filmmakers who have been working on a variety of creative projects over the last seven years. We are currently in pre-production on a self-funded music video/concept piece called "Intrusions" that we hope to film in April. "Intrusions" involves a young man working in isolation on an abandoned office floor, surrounded by a large amount of audio and computer equipment

The Search for a Location

For our project we seek an empty office floor space with the following aesthetic guidelines:

  • Roughly 8,000+ sq.ft. floor space

  • Large consecutive windows

  • 2nd Floor or Higher

Aesthetic Examples:

What we would need from the property

Our hopes would be to have full access to the space for a total of three days over a weekend (Friday-Sunday). The first day would be to set up our gear and props. The other two days would be to shoot. If possible we would need access to a freight elevator, as well as a few parking spots for the cast, crew and a small box truck. 

While this project is low-budget, our cast and crew are working professionals. We go to great lengths to ensure our cast and crew are cleanly, respectful and safe. We are fully insured, with general-liability, workers comp and auto insurance that covers our crew, our gear, and all locations we utilize. 

We are making "Intrusions" for purely artistic reasons, and have no outside funding or support. We are putting our own time, money and resources into making this a strong and vibrant piece.

In regards to payment for the rental of the property, we can't offer much. However we do have a small budget set aside for locations, and we would love to have a discussion about what you would require on this end. 

The Project: "Intrusions"

A young man, alone in a vacant and obsolete laboratory, utilizes abandoned tools and systems to augment his lucid dreams. In the process, he accesses fleeting imagery of a beautiful woman, and experiences the limit of his control. 

Past Work